Halloween in August?! Michael Myers returns this Summer!

Proving that it’s never too early to start getting ready for Halloween, Rob Zombie’s sequel to his relaunch of the classic horror movie franchise, Halloween 2 is primed for an August 28, 2009 theatrical release.

Zombie’s first crack at a Halloween revamp put a new twist on the legend of Michael Myers, exploring the killer’s origin as a disturbed youth who grew up in an abusive home, fostering these psychopathic tendencies. The premise behind the next installment in the series supposedly tackles what happens to the mental state of one of Michael’s surviving victims after her entire family was brutally murdered by Myers.

Major players in the cast from the Rob Zombie’s first Halloween are returning for H2, including Tyler Mane as the monstrous Michael Myers, legendary Terrence Stamp as psychologist Dr. Loomis, and Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie as Michael’s mother.

You can check out the trailer for H2: Halloween 2 here.

With H2:Halloween 2 slated for an August release, it’s a good sign that Halloween is just around the corner. With all of the big-screen bad guys like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees hitting the screen with remakes of their classic horror films, so far, Michael Myers is the first one of ’80s Horror’s “Big Three” to get a sequel.

It’ll be interesting to see which one of “The Big Three” will emerge victorious this Halloween in the battle for costume merchandising. If Michael Myers is your man, show some love to the big, hulking, psychopathic lug with Michael Myers costumes and accessories. Or… Pay homage to the remake’s director and the twisted mind behind the Devil’s Rejects, Rob Zombie with costumes based on the rocker/director’s likeness.

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