Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Have double the fun this Halloween with these Halloween costume ideas for couples!

Lars and the Real Girl

Lars is a really shy, socially awkward and emotionally damaged guy. To overcome his social anxiety he orders Bianca, a sex doll, from the Internet. Being delusional and an innocent, Lars develops a close (and platonic) relationship with Bianca.

1. Lars is no fashion plate, so his costume is easy.

Wear lace up winter or safety boots, unlaced. Wear jeans or work pants, and tuck the legs into your boots. For a top, you can either button a white collared shirt all the way up and wear a ‘nerdy’ sweater over it, or wear a plaid work shirt and button it all the way up. Part your hair to the side, comb it straight down over your head and give yourself a moustache.

2. Bianca has long dark hair, so you may need to borrow a wig.

Use makeup or face paint to draw eyes and thick eyelashes onto your eyelids, so it looks like your eyes are open at all times. Create the same effect for your mouth by drawing or painting a round black circle over your lips, then lining it with lipstick ‘lips’. Depending on your preference, you can dress like Bianca as she first appears in the movie “‚Äú in spike-heeled boots, a sheer top and miniskirt “‚Äú or as she appears later in the movie “‚Äú in a conservative cardigan and knee-length skirt.

These are just two of an almost unlimited number of Halloween costume ideas for couples from the silver screen Just pick your favorite love story or ‘buddies’ movie, and dress like your favorite duo!

For a twist, switch your gender roles: she can be Lars, and he can be Bianca!

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