Halloween + Christmas: More Boo and Bah Humbug for your Buck

Halloween hasn’t even reared its pumpkin head yet and already you’re probably seeing Christmas items and decorations right next to fright masks and Halloween candy. In these turbulent economic times, think about doubling up on some fun Halloween items that could merit extra mileage during during the holiday season. For example, get in touch with your goth side and sport a “Nightmare Before Christmas” Wreath of Jack Skellington skull heads that will add a touch of personality to your door through both seasons!

For a last-minute Halloween costume or films to show at your party, look to such classic (and not-so classic) films like “Nightmare Before Christmas”; the campy comedy-horror ’80s flick “Silent Night, Deadly Night” with an axe murdering Santa Claus who’s ho-ho-homicidal! (Check out our How To section for how to make your own Psycho Santa costume based on this film!); or “Santa Slay” featuring former professional wrestler Goldberg as a jacked, ripped, and demonic Santa who makes with all sorts of comedic chaos.

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