Gorgeous Handmade Peacock Costume

Erin is a 26 year old artist and designer from Cedar Rapids IA who loves craft projects. This year she decided to make a Peacock Halloween costume and posted the entire tutorial on her blog!

### What you will need:

– Target Stretch Skirt

– Cheap black lace-up corset

– 3 Feather Boas

– Additional aqua Boa

– 2 Peacock garlands from Michaels

– 200 5ft Peacock feathers from Featherstore.com

– Stretch Belt

– Cardboard

– Duct tape

– LOADS of hot glue

– Needle and thread

Via [chickenscratchstudio].(http://chickenscratchstudio.blogspot.com/2011/11/peacock-costume-tutorial-birds-of.html “”)

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