Gir Outfit

ok Gir is from the show “invador Zim”

he is Zims sidekick Robot dressed in a dog discuise

He’s Extremly cute!I want a gir costume for Halloween but oticed they were rare to find…so thats how I got here.

it should be a green Jacket (sleeves must be black)and on top are the ears.a zipper too plz but it kant go all the way down!as for the bottom…pitch black baggy pants!hm….but it kant feel like ormal jeans ya know?some other kind of fabric….anyways and for the shoes I’d prefer black Converse….if yu need a visual idea just look at the picture!PLZ I BEG YU!MAKE THIS ADORABLE COSTUME!!!!IT WOULD BE EXTREMLY HELPFUL!!!! Thanx! <333

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