Get ready for the new “A-Team”!

Remakes of all things ’80s have reached a fever pitch. The latest on the block is a movie redux of the television show that brought Mr. T to primetime and into homes everywhere: The A-Team.

The ’80s original centered on four Vietnam veterans who were framed for a crime they didn’t commit. They take the show on the road to evade the military police, helping out people along the way as they attempt to clear their names. In the original, Mr. T played B.A. Baracus (“B.A.” for “Bad Attitude”), the A-Team’s mechanic and muscle. George Peppard was Hannibal, the group’s cigar chomping leader who “love it when a plan comes together.” Dwight Schultz was “Howling Mad” Murdoch, the team’s resident loose cannon and Dirk Benedict was Templeton “Faceman” Peck, the group’s prettyboy and master of disguise.

While you gotta pity the fool that steps into Mr. T’s shoes, UFC fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson just may have the mettle, muscle, and humor to bring it to the role of B.A. Baracus. (Anyone doubting Rampage’s sense of humor has to see this past week’s episode of Ultimate Fighter 10.) Rounding out the cast is Liam Neeson as grey-haired Hannibal, Bradley Cooper as Faceman, and Sharlto Copely as Murdoch. Jessica Biel is also part of the cast, although what role she is playing has yet to be confirmed.

The plot sounds about the same as the original series, the only difference being the substitution of the characters being veterans of the first Gulf War as opposed to the Vietnam war. Hopefully, the A-Team van will be a part of the big screen adaptation, too! (Please don’t let Hannibal drive an SUV. Please.) The scheduled release date for the new A-Team is June 11, 2010.

Get a jump on putting together your A-Team costumes for next year. Grab a bunch of gold chains and a mohawk wig (try the Mr. Hammer version!) to pull together your own “Bad Attitude.” Or, for a John “Hannibal” Smith costume try a fake cigar, a short grey men’s wig, and a pair of black leather gloves. Don’t you just love it when a costume comes together?!

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