Gen Con: The Costume Parade!

> If you happened to be wandering the primary hall areas of the Indiana Convention Center this weekend at GenCon, you could not have missed the cavalcade of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror characters strutting their stuff for all to see. Cos-players came out of the woodwork to display their playful sides and craftsmanship at GenCon’s costume parade: everything from mindfully built steampunk finery to cleverly fashioned super heroes marched the halls to thumping folk music played by nearby. Co…

Gen Con is one of the largest and most prominent annual gaming conventions in North America:

> Gen Con is a name that’s been intrinsic to hobby gaming for more than 40 years. The convention began as a small gathering of war game enthusiasts in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in 1967; derived from its location, the name Gen Con is a shortened version of the original name “Geneva Convention”.

Some great costumes spotted!


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