Gather Your Cinco de Mayo Costumes

Cinco de Mayo is one of the most miss understood holidays in America. Many of us are taught that the entire state of Mexico will celebrate the 5th of May, but it is not a national holiday. Instead, Cinco de Mayo is mostly celebrated in Puebla. The holiday is a commemoration of the Mexican victory over the French in a battle in 1862.

When people are asked in America what Cinco de Mayo is they usually reply it is Mexico’s Independence Day that holiday is actually celebrated on September 16th. In the United States our growing population of Mexicans has brought the holiday to our notice. Many of the major cities will have Cinco de Mayo celebrations, though not on a scale like St. Patrick’s Day or some of the other holidays celebrated.

In the US much of the celebration is about the Mexican culture, food, music, customs, and beverages. Those who wish dress up in Cinco de Mayo costumes do so to fit in and feel a part of the fun. There is also a high degree of commercial interest in both the US and Mexico regarding the holiday. This year if you want to be a part of the celebration you might want to check your local cities entertainment section to find out what type of events will be held, and whether you will need a costume!

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