Gas Mask Made From Air Jordan Fusion 4 Sneakers

WOW this is amazing. This has to be the coolest thing i have found in a long time.

>Freehand Profit is a Los Angeles based artist who earned his name as a graffiti artist in DC and Northern Virginia. In 2005 he graduated Corcoran College of Art & Design with a BA in Fine Arts. Since then he’s rooted himself in LA’s Hip-Hop scene and has been working to forget what he learned in art school and make work without the pretentiousness that all too often accompanies “good” art.

Currently Freehand Profit is exploring the iconographic nature of masks through his MASK365 project. Inspired by Noah Scalin’s Skull-A-Day, Profit is creating a mask a day and publishing them through his blog. The repetitive nature of the project has allowed Freehand Profit to expand into new artistic approaches and has developed into numerous bodies of work such as the Branding Wars (a series of gas masks re-imagined and transformed with commercial goods like Nike shoes and Gucci hand bags) and the Guerrilla Art Squadron (a series of designs hybridizing gas masks and creatures).

As a talented artist, he challenged himself to make a gas mask out of “Retro Air Jordan 4s”.

>The AJF4 Laser Premiere features two of my favorite shoes, the top of the Retro Air Jordan 4s and the sole of the Air Force 1s. They are great looking shoes but I was even more impressed by them when I took them apart. I’ve deconstructed a number of different shoes but the construction of these was remarkable. And for the first time I wished I hadn’t cut them up. Luckily I was pleased with the resulting mask.

I am speechless. Seriously, isn’t it the coolest thing you’ve seen?

Check out the pictures above, his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.


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