Gaga for Lady GaGa

A departure from the typical breed of pop tart that the music industry had seen in the past decade, Lady GaGa has filled a long-vacant void with her unique brand of fashion and fun, frivolous pop tunes. Discovered by rapper Akon on the New York City club scene, Lady GaGa takes her name from one of her favorite Queen songs, “Radio Gaga” after her vocals were compared to that of a female Freddie Mercury. Currently, her hit songs “Just Dance” and “Pokerface” occupy top slots on the Billboard Top 100.

Even more distinctive than her music is Lady GaGa’s sense of fashion. One part Donatella Versace, one part Debbie Harry, and another part all her own, Lady GaGa is frequently seen without pants. She favors brightly colored, futuristic miniskirts and dresses with large projectiles on the shoulders or clingy latex unitards in shiny black or liquid gold. And as always, Lady GaGa accessorizes with sky high platform shoes. Oversized shades are another wardrobe staple as are bright, splashy tights, as is her patented “Disco Stick,” a tricked out, light up pimp cane!

Homemade, DIY versions of Lady GaGa costumes were a big hit with club-kids-in-the-know this past Halloween. Currently, the trend towards GaGa-ism continues with several radio stations and websites sponsoring their own Lady GaGa Lookalike Contests with the ultimate prize being tickets to catch her on her The Fame Ball tour.

If you feel like hopping on the Lady GaGa costume bandwagon, check out Costumzee’s own DIY How-To turorial here. Or, just use it for inspiration and come up with some of your own ideas for something completely different!

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