Future Trend Alert – (Batman and) The Joker is Wild in ’08!

With two different trailers shown during the previews before “I Am Legend” in theatres, comic fans and fans of comic-based films salivated at the glimpse of the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight. While some fans saw the standard, theatrical trailer, film-goers checking out “I Am Legend” at IMAX theatres got a six-minute peek at director Chris Nolan’s second Batman film. The super-length trailer was built around a heist scene featuring Batman’s arch-nemesis, The Joker.

While Christian Bale’s characterization as Batman has been heralded as one of the best on the silver screen, ranking alongside Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight, it seems that Heath Ledger just may steal the show as the diabolical Joker. While it’s too early to tell with just the brief snippet of the film released to the public, Ledger’s Joker may give the legendary Jack Nicholson a run for his money as the definitive portrayal. Seemingly less humorous and campy, Ledger’s Joker seems outright sinister and much darker, sporting bubbly, facial acid burns as part of his character’s disfigurement.

While no film footage has been released on yet another villain rumored to pop up in “The Dark Knight”, another enemy fiend, former Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent – AKA – Two Face might rear his disfigured head and make trouble for Batman.

With a release date of July 18th of 2008, there’s still time to speculate as to what any officially licensed Joker costumes will look like based on Ledger’s creepy characterization or if there will be costumes for the split personality of Two Face. In the meantime, there are Batman costumes a-plenty and older, more classically comic-styled Joker costumes and masks to give you a fix until new “Dark Knight”-based ones are released.

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