Furistas Costumes for Young Girls

There is a new catch phrase out there and it is “Furistas.”¬ù Lately we seem to be adding istas to just about everything. You have fashionistas and other istas out there to help distinguish females from the pack. This time the new “Furistas”¬ù catch phrase is all about furry costumes for young girls.

Many children have their favorite stuffed animal. They are pictured with it throughout childhood, adults can probably look back to find their favorite stuffed animal pictured in hundreds of photos. A recent costume company decided to launch a new idea regarding those cute and cuddly favorites.

These new costumes called Furistas have overly large eyes to make them appear dewy. You have plenty of options to choose for as Halloween looms nearer. Unicorn costumes, dog costumes, cat costumes, bear costumes, and much more are available in the Furistas look. The costume begins with a hood designed like the animals head and then it goes down to a hip costume instead of the plush body suit you normally see.

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