Friday the 13th’s Jason – Remade and Unmasked!

The clock is ticking until Friday February 13th, 2009 when the latest classic horror remake his theatres. The new Friday the 13th film promises to be a gore-fest with everyone’s favorite deformed slasher, Jason Voorhees carving a way into the hearts of those whacky Camp Crystal Lake teens!

Website has photos of Jason unmasked, displaying some of the awesome makeup effects used to transform actor Derek Meers into the misshapen, misunderstood monster. Meers is the latest to don Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask. To see what he looks like without it, check out photos from the remake’s set here. The film also stars Jared Padalecki of television’s Supernatural with yet another horror connection.

Even though Friday the 13th is months away, you can get in touch with your inner triskadekaphile with some Friday the 13th costumes including a Jason Voorhees hockey jersey and a mask to go with it!

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