French Quarter Costumes: The Princess and the Frog

Disney continues to entertain us with the numerous animated films they create. Last year it was Bolt among other movies. This year they are bringing out several top movies including a new rendition of The Princess and the Frog. We all know the story. A princess meets a talking frog. This frog tells the young girl if she will give him a kiss he will provide true love. Disney has decided to give a new twist to the story this time.

Imagine the French Quarter as it has always been in Louisiana, especially during the 1920’s at the height of Jazz and the Blues. The tale begins with a Princess named Tiana. She is of African American decent. Combined with Tiana and the Frog Prince Disney has given us a trumpet playing alligator, love sick Cajun Firefly, and several other characters to win over our hearts.

But, there is one small catch. The movie will not be released until December 25, 2009. There will be a long wait to see the film; however, don’t lose hope. Disney’s announcement of the film gives you plenty of time to be ready for the next costume or Halloween party. Your daughter or son may find plenty of costume inspiration in the Princess and the Frog.

Princess Tiana costumes allow for a lily pad style dress with green and white mixed together. Long white gloves, a flowery crown, and princess jewels add to the costume. Any princess will be happy to choose this costume.

You can’t forget the Frog Prince costume either. As a romantic love story it is necessary to have the Frog costume for couples. These Disney costumes are not just for kids. The story allows for any adult or child to enjoy the love and the costumes being designed.

There are already three costumes available for Princess Tiana. The dress varies in style from a short skirt to an ankle length skirt and modified headdress. Let the Trumpet Playing Alligator costume liven up your party with a little Jazz! You can never go wrong with something a little bit silly. This film by Disney is going to take us back to the world of hand drawn animation, which makes it even more memorable and very unlike the CGI creations of the recent past.

Frog Prince Costume

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