Exclusive: Sweeney Todd – the costume!

This costume has been long waited for… Many of you have posted comments to forum threads and blog posts about it, “where can i find it? how does it look like? Where can i buy one?”… I can only answer one of those questions so far, so without waiting any longer, I have the pleasure to give you an official preview of the Sweeney Todd costume:

So if you were thinking about dressing up as Sweeney Todd for Halloween and did not have any idea what to do about it, this could be your luck. I have unfortunately no idea whom will carry the costume though, but a fair bet would be that any major online halloween costume retailer will, or they’d be missing on a hot product for sure!

I definitely suggest that you check periodically the Sweeney Todd costume idea page here on Costumzee since we should be have the costume on there as soon as any of our retailer partners have it available!

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