End of Season: Television Costume Ideas

This week, several TV shows wrapped up their 2009-2010 viewing seasons and some are winding to a close. Special Agent Jack Bauer is nearing the end of his final stretch of “24” hours with the series coming to a close.

Some series’ aren’t over yet, but their seasons went out in a big way this time around, too. House lost a patient but gained a girlfriend, winning over his supervisor, Dr. Lisa Cuddy. This season’s story arc found him kicking his vicodin habit and mending fences with those around him. His best friend left him for his ex-wife and Cuddy was shacked up with a detective that House once had on his personal payroll. Just before House contemplated relaunching his addictive ways, he was halted by a visit from Cuddy, telling him she was done with her boyfriend and wanted him. We’ll have to wait to be sure until next season that this isn’t just a hallucination.

Gossip Girl also had some surprises at the season finale. Polish maid, Dorota and Russian doorman, Vanya had their little bundle of joy with Dorota going into labor. Chuck and Blair’s on again-off again romance was promptly switched to the “off” category after he sealed the deal with Blair’s nemesis, Jenny “Little J” Humphrey. Little J’s raccoon mascara was a-runnin’ as she was banished from the borough by Queen B. As Blair and her best friend Serena scampered off to Paris to forget their man troubles, Chuck was shot in the stomach, robbed for the engagement ring he was going to give to Blair. In other news, Serena’s foe, Georgina Sparks returned pregnant with Serena’s ex-boyfriend, Dan Humphrey named as the father. Uh-oh!!!

The season may be done for now, but with many of these seasons’ episodes online or coming out on DVD, you can get caught up to speed and have summer viewing parties with friends dressed as your favorite characters. Check out the officially licensed “24” Special Agent Jack Bauer costume kit that will allow you to diffuse bombs and hostile situations just like 24’s main man.

Or, look like a million bucks with costume ideas based on the spoiled teens of “Gossip Girl.” Check out How to make your own stylish Serena Van Der Woodsen costume, a dapper dandy Chuck Bass costume (break out the purple!), drama queen Jenny Humphrey, and of course, the Queen B herself, Blair Waldorf.

And gentlemen looking to show off their smarts and smart-aleck natures can dress as everyone’s favorite pill-popping medical practitioner, Dr. Gregory House with a simple, yet very recognizable costume idea.

September is a few months away, but these costumes and some home-thrown viewing parties with your DVD collections and themed-party favors and refreshments will tide you over till then!

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