Elmo Mascot Costume

First get a punch balloon. Mix flour, water, white glue in a bowl. Get the consistency of pancake mix. Rip one inch by about six inch newspaper pieces and dip them into the paper mache mix. Place each piece on the balloon until completely covered. Let dry. Do this again until you get about 12 layers. Cut a hole for your neck in the bottom of the balloon. Cut out holes where your eyes could look out. Get some red faux fur and some spray glue. Cut fabric in triangles of 4 and glue them on. Cut out the holes for the eyes. Hot glue pieces of screen for the eyes and paint them. Get a piece of orange felt and sew it in a u shape, turn inside out and stuff with fiber foam. Cut out mouth shape. and do the same with the screen except paint it black. Get 2 stryofoam balls for eyes and glue them on. Cut out circles of black felt for pupils

Your done! You should have a great Elmo head.

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