Ed costume help! (Ed, Edd & Eddy)

My 5 year old (almost 6) wants to be Ed from Ed, Edd & Eddy. I know…at age 5ish he shouldn’t even know who they are but that’s another story. Anyway, we’ve scoured the web for a jacket and shirt but we’ve had no luck (we’ve got the baggy jeans and dark sneakers already). I’ve looked at nike, puma, etc. and I’ve hit several of our local Goodwill stores. I thought the jacket might be tough, but who knew a red & white tee would be so hard to find…sheesh! Next week we are going to the fabric store and I’m going to make him the olive green jacket w/ white stripes, and the red & white tee shirt. We plan to give him a monobrow, and the “moles” on his temple, and short spikey hair.

Sidenote: His birthday is the day before Halloween so he’s also having a EEE Bday party. The goody bags will have jawbreakers and candy money (Smart and Final sells both in bulk), and EEE keychains I found on eBay. I’m getting a custom cake (my local supermarket bakery will scan pictures onto cakes, and I also found a “EEE cake topper” on eBay that might work). We’re making a custom pinata by just gluing a color blowup of the Es (made color blowups of my EEE DVD cover-hope I’m not arrested) to a circle pinata from the party store. I also found some “EEE coloring sheets” online that we will leave out with crayons during the party http://www.kidscolorpages.com/ededdeddy.htm). It’s a pumkin carving party so I’ll see if some of my supercarvers want to carve a EEE themed pumkin for us. Anybody have tips on the costume, or seen anything good online?

UPDATE: The costume came out great, if I say so myself. I have average sewing skills and I’m grateful I was able to pull it off. For the jacket we used a mossy green cotton material, I think it was near the quilting material. I used Simplicity jacket pattern #4053 (size S, view A-without the chest pocket). We sewed 2 strips of white bias tape down the sleeves for the white stripes. For the shirt we used a red and white striped silky material (looked kinda piratey, but it was the only thing I could find with fat enough stripes). I didn’t have a pattern for the shirt, I just used the jacket pattern for the approximate size, and I made a tie closure in the back. We used waterproof liquid eyeliner for the monobrow and moles. The kids and parents that know EEE loved it, others didn’t know what he was.

2009: Now my almost 6 year old daughter wants to be Nazz! LOL!! Now that’s “a piece of cake”!

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