Dreams Do Come True – Treats at Howl-O-Ween

Cinderella was the theme but we knew we had to create a carriage to truly make it extra special. It started with a red wagon that was sanded, primed and painted. The use of PCV tubing, easy to shape provided the illusion of a pumpkin shape. And of course hooking on decorative wheels gave it that extra touch. The existing wagon base made it easy to pull around. And then a trip to the fabric store, lets just say tulle is pretty and easy to work with. The inside had to be comfortable for our dog. With the addition of layers of fleece and pretty fabric cover did the trick. Of course wooden decorative pieces were painted and added to the wagon sides to give the carriage a few more touches.

The Cinderella dress was made by a friend, so one of a kind and truly in person amazing. Lots of pretty fabric and beads on it. A fine couture costume piece.

The wig was fashioned from a dog wig, a blue hair ribbon added and a few bobby pins to get that Cinderella up do.

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