Dragons Have Been Unleashed in Dragon Age Origins

Are you looking for a different costume to wear to your next party? Maybe the recent release of PS 3 game Dragon Age of Origins will offer you some perspective on a costume. Children’s stories have always been ripe with tales of mythical creatures such as Dragons and this new video game brings the concept back.

Dragons are as old as time, having been prominent mythical creatures since the early man. The story of Beowulf was one of the first tales to bring dragons to the forefront and combine it with another type of mythical monster. Many movies and books based on the Middle Ages bring Dragons along for the ride. No matter how you picture Dragons they are always fearsome and powerful animals.

Dragon Age Origins presents a role playing game of Origin in which you will choose how you begin and where your story will move. You will begin with your character in the early ages establishing a clear background and learning skills until you are ready to move about Ferelden and other regions. You can be a sneaky peasant or a skilled knight where jealousy can be found at every turn. In the video game it is possible to be female or male in the roles. Your choices will determine the situations, storyline and conversations you might have with those you encounter.

From a costume perspective Dragon Age Origins brings about the Middle Ages Costumes we love. You can dress up in a Knight Costume or choose to be in a Peasant Costume to honor the video game or just to be a hit at your next costume party. Who knows the next time you have a video game gathering you might just see other Dragon Costumes running around your home!

The video game was just released Tuesday November 3rd, 2009 by EA Games and BioWare Corporation. So get ready for some Medieval Costume fun!

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