Dora turns Teen … Oh, the costume possibilities!

Surely, you’ve heard that Dora the Explorer has been given a makeover. In an effort to appeal to a different demographic beyond the young children who love the plucky little girl’s geography-hopping adventures, Nickelodeon is creating a spin-off series with Dora as a tween.

Some parents are up in arms about Dora trading in her trademark bob and backpack for lipgloss and fashion. The alarms raised about “tween Dora” concern whether or not she will “dress appropriately” and if she will forsake her adventures to new places for adventures at the mall. On the flipside, other parents are thrilled that their children who grew up with Dora and are becoming “tweens” themselves, can still have a positive young role model to watch on television. Dora will still be bilingual, but she — like her audience — is growing up.

Here is what the new, tween Dora will look like:

Teen Dora

Regardless of how you feel about the Dora debate, one Dora isn’t neccessarily replacing the other. The original Dora the Explorer cartoon with little Dora will still air. The new Dora show will be a separate animated series and is geared towards a completely different audience than the toddlers who are still can identify with young Dora and her cousin Diego.

If you like the new Dora, go check out our “How To” section for a DIY tutorial on How to Make a Tween Dora costume of your very own.

Or, if you’re not too keen on the new Dora, here are also a few ideas how this sweet cartoon character can be corrupted for your own crazy costuming ideas. For starters, try:

Dora Goes Goth

Dora goes Goth! Every parent’s worst nightmare, Dora takes up listening to metal, abusing black liquid eyeliner and scowling at all passers by.

Or, Dora could follow in the footsteps of another teen princess, Miley Cyrus with an infamous Vanity Fair cover shoot:

Dora as Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Cover

The current spike in teen pregnancies could yield this costume idea:

Pregnant Dora

And, of course, when in doubt… There’s always the tried, true, and trashy… Hooker costume:

Dora the Hooker

If those possibilities aren’t quite your cup of tea, there are still costumes available and highly suitable for your Dora-loving toddlers for them to dress up as Dora, Diego, and Dora’s animal pals like Boots the Monkey and Swiper Fox!

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