Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth Chapman

This was so much fun to do! For my husband’s “Dog” outfit, I had him wear black jeans, a tight black t-shirt, black cowboy boots and a camping vest with multiple pockets. The blond mullet wig, blade sunglasses, fake tattoos, dollar store police badge/cuffs/gun, punk wristband and my homemade ‘Indian’ bead and feather braid for his hair completed the outfit. For me: a huge blonde curly wig, short black skirt and shirt with volleyballs stuffed down the front, camo short jacket, black boots, pink and blue ‘stripper’ makeup and 5 inch long pink nails, with some punk jewelery and belts thrown in. I printed the “DOG” logo from his site online for the badges and made ‘mace’ from air freshener that I spray-painted black, and then made labels for…. We won ‘best couple’ at the TV/Movie Star Costume Halloween party that we went to. Easy to find materials at thrift stores, dollar stores – the only pricey-ish items were the wigs.

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