DIY: How To Make a Bat Hat

###What you will need:

– 12- by 18-inch sheet of stiff black felt

– White felt

– Black knit hat

– Clothespins

– Scissors

– Glue (fabric glue)


1. Cut two bat wings, ears, and pupils from the black felt. (You can download our wing and ear templates or draw your own.) Cut eye circles from white felt.

2. Trim the flat end of each wing to fit the contour of a black knit hat. Run a line of glue along the edge of a wing and adhere it to the side of the cap, between two rows of knitting, if possible. Reach inside the hat and pinch the fabric around the wing’s edge, clamping it in place with a clothespin or two. Repeat the steps for the second wing. Let the glue dry.

3. Remove the clothespins, then glue the two ears in place using the same technique. When the glue is dry, try on the hat and decide where you’d like the eyes. Remove the hat and glue on the eyes (black circles on top of white).

From FamilyFun.

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