Decision 2008 – Which Candidate Costume To Wear?

Things are running hot and heavy across the nation as we the people wait with baited breath to see which Democrat and Republican will emerge victorious to lead their parties in the 2008 Presidential Election. As difficult as a decision it will be to vote for the best candidate to sit atop the party ticket, the hottest ticket in town revolves around every move and political promise of the respective candidates.

An equally hot costume trend this year may just be a caricature-styled mask depicting the front runners for the highest office in the land. So far, the only candidate with her own latex mask is former First Lady Hillary Clinton. Should Hillary get the nod from her party, there are also masks of former President and potential First Husband, Bill Clinton.

So far, no masks are available for Barack Obama, John McCain, or Mike Huckabee. As the day of decision for deciding upon a Democratic or Republican candidate to run for the Presidential election in 2008, it’s a safe bet that more “choices” will follow in the way of masks and costumes.

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