Dancing with the Stars Line-up for 2011

Dancing with the Stars has been quite popular since it entered the United States. For 2011 there will of course be a new list of celebrities entering the scene. As always the question will be who will win. Fall 2010 was quite an interest season with several interesting upsets. It seems like the underdog was able to pull through until the very last moment, when the star of the entire show Jennifer Grey was able to keep enough of a lead to win the mirror ball trophy. Sure she faltered on a few of the shows, but overall the dance performance was always there. For some there was no other winner from day one.

It may not be that way for 2011 though. With an interesting cast line up one will have to see who has the talent this time. Courtney Cox known for her rolls on Friends, Scream, and of course most recently Cougar Town will be taking the stage.

To join here will be Elle Macpherson known mostly for her super model days, but quickly rising as an actress. Tina Fey has also been placed in the line-up. With her fan base it may be difficult for others to get votes.

Cheryl Ann Cole is perhaps a favorite considering her songwriter, dancer, and modelling career. Vince Vaughn is also considered part of the line up, but can he really move? He is best known for playing dumb or annoying characters. Rob Lowe- really? Yes, Rob Lowe will also be on the stage, so we will be able to see if he has what it takes to dance.

ABC has not announced when the show will actually air and the rest of the contestants. It may be that a few of these names will change. What we look forward to are seeing if there will be new dancing costumes!

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