Crowd Pleaser: Dino Costume Favorites!

It seems the world is gearing up for Halloween a little early or perhaps some individuals have killer costume parties to attend. Whether you are looking for your next costume idea for Halloween or an upcoming party you might want to consider the Dino favorite posted here. This Dino is already a variation of older costumes, but it has been reinvented to give us all something to think about.

Children love dinosaurs.

There is just something about T-Rex being alive millions of years ago hunting smaller dinosaurs that get kids’ attention. First grade is always a hit as students learn the difference between the different dinosaurs. The T- Rex may be the most popular, but there are hundreds of others to choose from when you want to make a dinosaur costume. The Brachiosaurus costume for example is always a hit with children. You have to have a long neck and tail with a squat little body. Stegosaurus costumes are also a great idea, but perhaps it is the Triceratops that appeals to us for the differences in skeletal structure.

Triceratops costumes allow children or adults to be big and bulky, and walk on all fours. This Dino favorite costume can be a trick for the eyes when you first see it, which is why it is so delightful.

The inventiveness of this costume just adds to one you may have seen ten years ago. Ten years ago it was a gorilla holding the cage with a man or woman trapped inside. Today we have something all children love-Dinosaurs.

But, what if this Dino favorite isn’t right for your children? Consider the endless possibilities from this one idea. You do not have to be a dinosaur or even a man to be in the cage. You could have a trapped mouse inside the cage and have a Dr. Cockroach costume from Monsters and Aliens. Perhaps your child loves sharks? Ever think of what you could do with a shark and a cage?

Man Eating Shark CostumeWhile we don’t have a photo- think about a great white shark costume: where the cage dangles from the jaws of the man-eater, while your upper body is inside the cage with snorkel gear. This is just one of the ideas we know you can come up with just by looking at the Dino favorite. Continuing with our shark idea examine the photo below. You might discover a half eaten pair of legs works better!

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