Creepy costumes

Stumped for some cool, creepy locales to check out this Halloween season? Still stumped for a costume?

Let some of the spooky spots on the map guide you towards choosing a costume — or even down the path to a haunted road trip! When you think of haunted, Salem, Massachusetts almost instantly springs to mind.

The infamous site of the Salem Witch Trials, circa 1692 boasts a series of ghostly tours capitalizing on the city’s haunted past. Although they operate year-round, the season really swings come Halloween time. Even if you’re not headed to see Salem, bring a little bit of it to your Halloween with some classic costume ideas.

Go as a witch, either a traditionally gnarled hag, or a sexy sorceress. Or do more of a traditionally Salem-flavored theme, go as a colonial Puritan. Slap an embroidered iron-on “A” on Another Massachusetts location, Fall River was home to the infamous Lizzie Borden who, according to legend, “took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks / When she saw what she had done / She gave her father 41.”

Hit up the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast for a heaping helping of horrific hospitality in the same house Borden butchered her parents. Put together a convincing Lizzie Borden costume of your own with a Victorian style dress and granny boots paired with a plastic hatchet or axe.

Head to southeastern New Jersey to the deep, dark woods of the Pine Barrens, said to be haunted by the Jersey Devil. Said to possess the head of a horse, humongous wings, and a large, lizard-like body with cloven hooves for feet, the Jersey Devil’s origin is shrouded in mystery. Said to be the 13th child of an impoverished woman, Mrs. Leeds, the Jersey Devil was born cursed and deformed in the year 1735. It took up residence in the desolate Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

Jersey Devil Tours are frequently set up in an attempt to view this curious creature in action. No one knows what the Jersey Devil looks like for sure, so craft your own costume of a devil to get in the spirit of things!

Still on the Eastern coast of the country, there are the haunted battlegrounds of the Civil War. The Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour is one of the most popular of these tours, located in historic Gettysburg, PA.

Further south is Fredericksburg, VA with a similar-themed candlelit ghost tour of the spectre-filled Civil War battlefield. A perfect inspiration for the bloodiest battles of our nation’s history fought on our own soil, add some gore to Civil War costumes as a ghostly Union or Confederate soldier or even a bloody belle.

On the West Coast, Sin City has a lot more to offer than just casinos and neon lights. Check out the Haunted Vegas Tour to see the spooky stomping grounds of the ghosts of Elvis, Liberace, and Redd Foxx. Still on the West Coat, the movie capital of the world is also privy to some ghostly walk-on appearances throughout Haunted Hollywood.

Check out a list of spirit filled spots in California including the Roosevelt Hotel, said to be haunted by Marilyn Monroe.

Even if you can’t jet out to these ghostly and glamorous haunted locales, bring a bit of ghoulish celebrity to your Halloween at home with ghostly versions of Elvis or Marilyn Monroe costumes!

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