Create a simple princess Aurora costume

If you need a costume for a costume party or Halloween, but don’t want to purchase one you have another option. You can make your own Princess Aurora costume for you or your child. We have the instructions below to help you get the right pieces for the costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Blue or Pink prom dress

* Gold crown

* Long blonde wig

* Dress shoes to match dress

* Miniature spinning wheel


Step 1: To start creating a Princess Aurora costume you need to start out with a prom or evening dress. The dress can either be pink or blue. It should be an off the shoulder design with a hint towards the Middle Ages or Renaissance to be most accurate. If you can’t find a dress like this any evening dress will be alright. You can also sew your own costume if you wish. Your other option is taking any dress you have in your closet that is the right color.

Step 2: The rest of the costume will be accessories to add to the dress. The dress by itself doesn’t lend to a princess look. A long blonde wig or if your hair is long enough style it off the face so that the gold crown will be predominate against the hair.

Step 3: The shoes you choose will need to match the dress. They can be a slipper style or any high heel shoe that you can find. For children you might want to have warmer shoes if you will be outside during the evening.

Step 4: To make it apparent that you are sleeping beauty you can add a miniature spinning wheel to the mix either as a necklace if you can find one or as a toy. It is not a necessary option, but something a little different from other costumes.

If you are going to be outside in the cold for the party a cloak to match the dress is acceptable as an additional accessory.

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