Couple sued by Disney over Tigger & Eyeore Resemblance?

“LAKE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) — A Clermont couple got a million dollar surprise when they received a lawsuit from Walt Disney World recently.

David and Marisol Chaveco own a party business and bought two costumes that happen to resemble two Disney characters. One of the costumes is an orange tiger that looks a lot like Tigger. The other costume is a blue donkey that resembles Eyeore.

About a month after the couple advertised the availability of the characters for parties they opened the mail to find the lawsuit.

We honestly saw them as an orange tiger and blue donkey,”¬ù said Marisol Perez-Chaveco. “We weren’t trying to impersonate anything.”

Disney, come on, give them a break.

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