Costume Potential Overload: A Night at the Museum 2

The Spring and Summer of 2009 has been rampant with blockbuster films that have limitless potential for offering costume ideas for Halloween, or any other time you decide to throw a costume party. Some of the most obvious films to look to for costume ideas are the array of action flicks, like the mega hits, Watchmen and Star Trek. Already, Rorschach of the Watchmen is being predicted as one of the biggest sellers for Halloween costumes for 2009. Other costumes based on established film franchises that made it big at the box office like Wolverine, Star Trek, and quite possibly the upcoming flicks Terminator: Salvation and G.I. Joe may also yield some popular costume ideas.

So, in a sea of superheroes and super-soldiers, where is a non-action oriented film fan to look for some creative and fun costumes? How about an underlooked comedy that’s starting to get some promotional play? Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian stars not just comedian Ben Stiller reprising his role as the museum night watchman who sees the wax inhabitants of his place of employment come to life, the long-dead historical figures coming to life again and interacting with one another in the museum thanks to a mystical tablet housed in the museum. You can check out the trailer for the new film here.

Old favorites from the first flick are back for a second round, including the Indian navigator, Sacajawea and Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt .

Newer additions to the cast of historical characters include Napoleon Bonapart and Amy Adams as the spunk aviatrix Amelia Earhart. Several costumes are available for all of these characters. You can go for a more traditional version, or enhance them a bit using the film versions to flavor your own ideas! Or, dress as a cowboy like Jedediah Smith (with a blonde wig to emulate Owen Wilson’s ‘do) or a pharaoh like the character Akenankh… Or even the unlikely museum inhabitant, Darth Vader!?

Any of these costumes can be easily bought or made… or created using household materials. For instance, check out how to make and Attila the Hun costume, yet another historical figure in the film!

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