Costume Ideas or Donations Hot Wheels Fit the Bill

Paul Sevilla is a collector of hot wheels cars. Who at one time or another hasn’t been? Hot Wheels came to the world in 1968. The concept was a simple one. The company designed toys patterned after the real cars. There are over 15 million boys and girls between 5 and 15 who collect Hot Wheels. They are still the number one selling toy in the USA. Paul Sevilla is a little different than the rest of the collectors in the US though. He met a woman named Rose Curtis whose husband was an avid collector of the toys.

She told the media that it didn’t matter where they were traveling he would stop in the local shops to find a Hot Wheels car, truck, or vehicle he didn’t have. Unfortunately Jim Curtis died of pancreatic cancer a few years ago. At the time of his death the Hot Wheels collection was more than 3,000 strong. All of the toys were still in the package. Sevilla was trying to help Rose Curtis sell them, but with the current economy it has become very difficult.

So, instead he has made a pact with the American Cancer Society. Children suffer from cancer, some spend their lives in hospitals waiting for a cure in hopes it will come before they succumb to the disease. These children love to play and be entertained just like any child. Paul Sevilla recognised this and felt he could not keep the Hot Wheels collection he has in his garage. If he couldn’t sell them to help Rose Curtis then he could at least donate them to children who need their spirits lifted. Thus with a deal the Hot Wheels cars will be provided at the Camp Catch a Rainbow in honor of the late Mr. Jim Curtis.

So it doesn’t matter whether it is donations for cancer or a costume idea – Hot Wheels are a way to help brighten a child’s day. Even if you do not have a collection to donate consider creating your own Hot Wheels costume or donating a pre made hot wheels racer to a charity. Consider organising a Hot Wheels costume party where children are able to come dressed as a Hot Wheels and they may bring a toy or monetary donation for the charity.

You can speak with your local hospital or search out your favorite charity for the donation. If you wish you may ask for the children in the hospital ward to be a part of the party. There are hundreds of options when it comes to creating your Hot Wheels party with costumes especially for paying it forward.

Hot Wheels Racer Costume

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