Continuing in the Final Fantasy Costume Saga

Video games can often make the best costumes for us, especially those interested in cosplay costumes. Final Fantasy has been around for several generations now, and they have yet to stop making the games. The first release of Final Fantasy came in 1987 as a role playing game by Square Enix. Since 1987, the company has created the video games for use on a number of consoles including the iPhone, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, PlayStation III, and Wii.

Now as 2010 begins to head towards spring an announcement was made for the release of Final Fantasy XIV, which comes just after the release of Final Fantasy XIII in December 2009. Final Fantasy has lent us a number of characters and costumes over the years, but more it has also been fashioned into spinoffs. Kingdom Hearts and its resulting series has characters based on those in Final Fantasy, providing us with even more costumes. For example Kingdom Hearts brought about Sora costumes, along with new Mickey Mouse costumes.

The fact that we have yet another Final Fantasy game to get costumes from is just one more stepping stone. Final Fantasy was also made into an animated movie back in the early 2000’s. From this animated film we garnered even more looks.

So, what is the new Final Fantasy about and when will it be released? Well Final Fantasy XIV begins with the first steps into an unknown realm with new adventures in which all Creeds call home. It is Eorzea, with a number of city states for one to traverse. Unfortunately, Eorzea is not hospitable. Death by beasts and tribes rages in this land, yet those who love it still remain there, and answer need to be found as the adventure continues for the players.

When Final Fantasy XIV arrives it will be available on PlayStation 3 and PC for Windows. The rating is RP and Genre is still MMORPG. Despite the announcement of this new adventure in the Final Fantasy series nothing has yet been released regarding the exact date. All we know right now is that it is going to be in stores in 2010 at some point. Even the official site is not giving out an exact date.

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