Comic Con Reveals 2011 Costume Ideas

Comic Con San Diego was the first ever comic book convention. Each year Comic Con is held in San Diego to start off a National Tour of the convention. Denver, Portland, New York and other major cities will have their variation of Comic Con, but it is the one in San Diego that reveals the most and always first. Comic Con was first held in 1970 with mostly comic books on display, along with some souvenirs.

Today, after 40 years of being held Comic Con has reached new heights. A few weeks ago, starting July 22, the 40th Comic Con was kicked off. It lasted until July 25th. With so much information to cull through it was hard to decide what to talk about for upcoming costume ideas. Furthermore the convention provided fodder for this year’s Halloween based on what some of the attendees dressed as.

The San Diego Comic Con was sold out. In the last few years the convention hosts have had to limit the amount of tickets sold because it has become more than a place for geeks to convene. It is also more than just comic books. When George Lucas decided to use Comic Con to debut his Star Wars concept suddenly the convention took off with comic books, movies, cosplay, anime, and graphic novels. Now there is something for everyone at these conventions whether you want to go in costume or not.

One of the cutest costumes of 2010, in my opinion, was a Gremlin. Gremlins were very popular in the 80s with the movies, so you rarely see these cute fuzzy creatures as a costume, let alone a very professional costume as was shown during the Comic Con coverage.

A few of the highlights offered this year started off with the up and coming movie the Expendables. The Expendables will be out July 13th in movie theatres around the United States. Costumes will range from military to spy looks. Spawn costumes will be back, as well as such options as Jack Sparrow, Mega Man, Hellboy, and the 300. Many of our favorite movies are getting a second, third or fourth movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean for example has a fourth movie on the way for 2011, in which Jack Sparrow and

Barbosa return. In addition to these returning characters is a new creation of Blackbeard, thus you should be on the lookout for a new Blackbeard costume.

If that isn’t enough even more of our favorite comics are being made into movies for the big screen such as the Green Hornet, Deadpool, Captain America, and Thor. You have a plethora of costumes to choose from this year for Halloween or the next costume party based on the new movies being released next year.

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