Clash of the Titans Costumes: Reviewed

A while ago we looked at the options Clash of the Titans might be able to offer us from the available discussions and photos. Now that the movie has been released it seemed fair to review the grand picture to see what other costumes one could come up with. You can still choose to be Perseus the son of Zeus and a mortal mother, making him a demigod. There is always the 12 gods like Athena, Zeus, and Hades. However, after seeing the film, there are a couple others that make the cut. Mostly, it is because they would make an interesting costume.

The first in our list of top costumes from Clash of the Titans is the Ferryman or Charon who is the person that carries deceased souls to Hades. Charon is a bit of a different look from the Grim Reaper, though he does have a bit of resemblance in the costume. As a Greek costume this dark robed corpse like figure with scythe is one that takes a lot of thought to make. The details in the film were quite well done.

Djinn Costume

The ferryman costume is not the only one of choice. There were also numerous creatures like the Medusa costume and giant scorpions which you could turn into costumes. Yet, the next fascinating character that caught my eye for a costume was Djinn. The Djinn costumes were made for the sand demons that hold magical powers. You have most likely heard of the Djinn before though this time they were a bit different than other movies. In this film the entire face and body were covered in what looked like a rock style skin only it glowed blue. Together with the blue rock like skin and the desert garb you could make quite a dangerous look.

Among the other costumes are creatures of the underworld like the Kraken costume or Hades Fairies. No matter what you want for the next costume party you might just find that Clash of the Titans provides plenty of fodder. You have gods, goddesses, and of course the creatures for costumes.

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