Clash of the Titans Costume Soon!

Have you been wondering why the movie title “ÀúClash of the Titans’ seems so familiar? If you have you might be old enough to remember the 1981 film of the same name. The 1981 version had quite a cast with Laurence Olivier as Zeus, Claire Bloom as Hera, and Maggie Smith as Thetis. Even Harry Hamlin was in the film as Perseus.

The original 1981 film was built on the myth of Perseus and his battle with Medusa and Kraken. Perseus was battling the monsters in order to save the Princess Andromeda played by Judi Bowker.

It is perhaps not a surprise to find Clash of the Titans is a remake. We have seen a lot of remakes from Hollywood in recent years. What is surprising is that almost every movie coming out this year is a remake of a 1980’s film. Already we have learned about Karate Kid and the A- Team, which were also from the 80’s.

It may just be that our technology is much better than it was almost 30 years ago and this is why the remakes are popping up like Crash of the Titans. The plot is similar to the original film. Perseus a mortal son is on a journey to stop the underworld and several evil doers from wreaking havoc. Perseus is played by Sam Worthington this time and instead of saving a princess he is off to save his family, which incidentally includes Andromeda, from Hades. Who better to play Hades than Ralph Fiennes who has been an evil doer in the Harry Potter series. Zeus is Liam Neeson. With a Kraken and many other fearsome beasts Crash of the Titans is sure to be more than just a great film.

It will be one that we can draw several costumes from. Not only can you dress in a Titan costume, but you have the Kraken costume, Zeus costume, and more. Before going on it should be worth mentioning that these costumes have already been release for another favored movie of the year.

Percy and the Olympians the Lightning Thief already recreated Zeus, Perseus, Poseidon, Hades, and other mythical creatures. The difference in Clash of the Titans is the more traditional Greek for Perseus as he fights numerous monsters in battles to the death.

Over the last week trailers for Clash of the Titans have played on NBC, home of the Olympics. During the many Olympic broadcasts the trailers were introduced helping remind everyone that the movie will be released March 26, 2010. So be on the look out for the latest Clash of the Titans costumes as they wage war against mythical monsters. While some can already be found, you should know new looks will be coming!

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