Christmas…way too early!

Is it me or Christmas decorations, candies and inflatables have made it in the stores even before Halloween was over? A trip to Home Depot mid-October hinted me that some stores are already playing holiday jingles…Pff, ridiculous.

Aisles at almost every store in the US were allocated to Christmas decorations by the end of October.

I’ve read somewhere a store manager saying that because Christmas decorations sell early, they need to fill up the stores early. What about waiting another 4 weeks to do that? Like mid-November or right after Thanksgiving, I am sure you’ll still sell out… Oh yeah, it’s all about money.

I personally think this is confusing for kids out there to see Christmas/Santa decorations as early as mid-October and this is not a good thing. How can they enjoy and get excited about an upcoming Holiday when they are already seeing the next one advertised in stores?

I think it’s sad.

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