Celebrating 40 years of Woodstock

Who would have thought a weekend of jumping around in the rain and mud on a farm and shrugging off all conventions of personal hygiene would be celebrated 40 years later? Four decades after thousands of hippies descended upon Max Yasger’s 600-acre farm in New York for what was heralded as a three-day Aquarian Exposition of peace, love, and music Woodstock still captures the imagination of several generations. Woodstock’s legacy still lives on with the numerous summer music festivals that are still popular concert-going experiences for fans of all musical genres.

Although the sounds and faces have changed, there’s something almost immortal about the performers (many of whom are no longer performing — or living, for that matter) who played at Woodstock. Bands like the Jefferson Airplane; Joni Mitchell; Joe Cocker; and Crosby Stills Nash and Young are renowned as legends, occassionally releasing albums and performing to live audiences. Others who have since passed on such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin have influenced thousands of musicians with their distinct sound and even more distinctive look.

Pay homage to Woodstock’s performers and attendees with costumes straight out of the Summer of Love. Dress as a hippie with long hair wigs and fringed faux suede vests. Ladies can opt for airy, cotton dresses in an ankle length style with long wigs and feathered jewelry for an Earthy look.

Or, dress as some of the legendary performers of Woodstock. Gents can find themselves in a “Purple Haze” with an afro wig and Jimi Hendrix costume with a hat and bellbottoms. Don’t forget a guitar, preferably one with a fire/flame motif to (safely) emulate Jimi’s flaming guitar solo, part of the mythos that cemented the brilliant, electric guitarist’s legacy.

Women may want to dress as the late, great Janis Joplin with a pair of Janis glasses with tinted lenses and round frames. Put on a long, straggly wig of brown hair and an outrageous costume with bellbottoms and a ton of jewelry to capture the essense of this gritty singer. Rock on!

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