Celebrate the Celtics win!

Congratulations for Paul Pierce and team for an incredible win last night on the LA Lakers! The World Champs will be in Boston by the end of the week (probably tomorrow) for a glorious and well deserved greeting parade. So if you’re in town, or not, but a Celtics fan and want to be part of the celebration, why not getting a party ready and dress up for fun?

What are your options?

celtics fan outfitThe ‘basic’ Celtics fan look…t-shirt, Champs cap/hat/bandana, make up…fun, but not original though right?

basketball player costumeWhat about the basketball player from the 80s costume? You would probably put on a Celtics jersey or be crafty and make your own Celtics logo on a white or green workout t-shirt. Add the afro wig, high sport socks to the knees and your 1985 Rebook Pumps you had left in a closet since then…

celtics pizza jerseyYou could wear a unique Celtics pizza.. huh, oops sorry, joke. Gotta give credit to the these guys, this is pretty cool!

celtics cheerleader costumeGirls can go with the official Celtics cheerleader outfit… and that should be the only way! πŸ™‚

celtics clothingAnd at last but not least, you might just want to dress up like your new hero πŸ™‚ which might costs you a few hundred dollars, but hey, that doesn’t happen every year, so it might be totally worth it!

Congrats again for the Boston Celtics!

Check out the Boston.com website for more Celtics fan photos.

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