Captain Americaís ìAvengersî Costume!

> Swank is in San Diego for Comic-Con right now hitting the pavement for BSR, covering as much as he can and bringing you the geeky goodness! The poor guy even found himself in the infamous Hall H attending the Twilight panel. Why? I don’t know. I’m just chalking it up to him most likely being drunk because like all real men out West he drinks according to the East Coast Time Zone!

As we all flock to the theaters this weekend to see the Star-Spangled Avenger smash some Red Skull with his shield we will be treated to the “real life” interpretation of Captain America’s famous get-up. No doubt we’ve all seen more than enough photos to know exactly what to expect, and most of us are more than pleased with the direction they went with his WWII-era costume. However, not all of you may know that that costume is not the one Steve Rogers will be sporting in the Avengers movie coming out next year. Cap will be getting an updated version of his red, white and blue duds – and guess what is on display at Comic-Con this weekend!

How awesome is that!!!?


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