broadway zombie

What you need:

top hat

black cane

striped jacket

black skirt

fishnet tights

black high heels

white face powder (lots of it)

dark gray-black face powder

black face paint

fake blood

basically all you really need to know is how to decorate your face because (hopefully) you allready know how to put clothes on. the white face powder goes on all over your face and hands and legs. then, you use the gray or black powder and put it all over and around your eyes in a circle. then you take the black paint and make two horizontal lines coming out from the corners of your lips and ending at your jaw. then you make about one inch vertical lines on the horizontal line. these are called stitches. you can add more to other places i.e forhead. drip the fake blood from your lips. put on the clothes and youve got yourself a broadway zombie!

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