Britney’s “Circus” Makes it’s Second Round – Oh, the costumes!

Britney Spears is back! Again! Her most recent album, Circus, has cemented her comeback after a rocky few years.

If you want to attract concert-goers, in these tough economic times, you want to give them more bang for their buck. Britney has upped the ante with a full-scale tour complete with a Circus theme and multiple costume changes for Britney and her touring troupe. The tour, now on its second leg of North American dates is making stops at several major U.S. cities like New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Las Vegas between August and October 2009.

Even if you’re not planning on hitting a tour stop, you can still ogle the costumes that Britney promises on the second leg of her three-ring circus. Check out some of Britney’s looks below and consider using some of these ideas for your next costume gathering — or a circus-themed shindig you may want to throw for friends!

Here are some sketches showing off some of the outfits Spears and her entourage of dancers will wear, putting a twist on classic circus costumes with a sexy ringmistress and bondage bedecked clowns:

Britney Spears Circus tour sketches

Britney dresses as the ringleader “calling the shots” in her show:

Britney as Ringleader

Grab a blonde wig and a sexy ladies’ Ringmaster costume, complete with whip and you, too can get Britney’s Circus costume!

Inspired by Slumdog Millionaire, Britney sports a Bollywood look, incorporating belly dance moves into her choreography.

Bollywood Britney

You can easily pull off this look with beautiful Bollywood-inspired costumes in rich sari fabrics in brilliant jewel colors.

The tried and true, sexy cop look that fits into just about any motif:

Britney Cops

Another twist on the traditional circus theme with Britney playing off the “Illustrated Man” concept with a bodysuit of fake tattoos.


A similar, more wearable version of this costume concept is available with the Tattooed Lady costume with a black vinyl top and skirt along with a bodysuit covered in faux tattoos.

Any of these costumes make a fabulous choice for your next costume. What are you waiting for? Get in the ring, baby!

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