Bring on the Bruno!

Sascha Baron Cohen is back with another totally offensive character aimed at reinforcing stereotypes and simultaneously using them to make people uncomfortable and confront their own insecurities and prejudices. The comic genius from Britain who gave the world Ali G, the rap music afficionado of indeterminable ethnicity with a penchant for insulting comments towards his guests and Kazakhastani documentarian with a Pamela Anderson fetish, Borat is now offering fans a new character who promises to offend audiences with his offbeat sense of humor.

Cohen’s latest character is Bruno, a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion editor with bleached blonde hair and an arsenal of fabulously fashion-forward and daring outfits at his disposal. (Although some of his outfits are rather outrageous, so far, of what has been shown on the official Bruno trailer, none of them can compare to Borat’s lime green mankini…. Well, maybe the faux nude bodysuit comes close.)

Due in theatres on July 10, 2009, the film follows the same sort of “mockumentary” format as Borat, with Sascha Baron Cohen fully immersed in his Bruno character and meeting with groups of people that may not otherwise be exposed to an openly gay and sensationally flashy Austrian celebrity. As Bruno, Cohen aims to offend, attempting to make people as uncomfortable as possible in his presence.

Like Borat, Bruno looks to promise a lot of laughs and a lot of costuming options considering the numerous costume changes Sascha Baron Cohen makes to suit up for the role.

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