Break Out the Butterbeer! The Harry Potter Theme Park is Coming!

Harry Potter fans have something to look forward to, possibly as early Spring 2010. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, new Harry Potter theme park, will find its home at the Universal resort and theme park in Orlando, FL. Orlando and Universal receive thousands of yearly visitors from across the pond, making this a great spot for American, British, and European fans of the Harry Potter books to congregate.

The theme park is a massive undertaking and painstaking details and planning have gone into its production. Of course, Harry Potter’s creator, author J.K. Rowling has given the project her stamp of approval. This sprawling 20-acre park site attempts to recreate some of the Potter-verse’s most memorable locales. Shops and eateries like Olivander’s wand shoppe (where it has been confirmed that visitors can purchase their very own souvenir wands) and Honeyduke’s candy emporium are proposed, as are pub-style restaurants such as The Three Broomsticks which will serve butterbeer and traditional British pub fare to hungry visitors. A replica of Hogwarts Castle is also supposed to be on premises, as well as countless other favorite places from the series.

Beyond that, rollercoasters and rides make up a good portion of the park. The Dragon Duel ride features two twin rollercoasters, while The Flight of the Hippogriff is a slightly tamer rollercoaster more suited to families, as opposed to mega-thrill seekers.

The one aspect of the park that is still under wraps, guarded with the typical secrecy surrounding nearly every Harry Potter project, is an attraction known as “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.” From the photos on the site, it may be speculated that this is a haunted house-style attraction, or some sort of a role-playing scavenger hunt.

One minor, disappointing detail revealed about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is that there will not be any costumed characters roaming the park, a la Disney World. However, that’s not to say visitors can’t strut their stuff with pre-made Harry Potter costumes based on their favorite characters, or even DIY versions of other beloved characters like a href=””>Luna Lovegood and

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