Big Foot… Found? For Real?

I stumbled on some news this morning that some “Big Foot” hunters/researchers have found the corpse of a real big foot!

That seems so unreal and totally made up, but they plan on exposing what they found tomorrow during a press conference.

We all want to believe this is true, on the other end if it is true, it’s sad they got discovered! 🙂

This is getting a lot of attention from the media, because, well honestly, we all do want to believe big foot exists! But some other skeptical reports question this discovery:

“The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation, which believes in Bigfoot but not in Rickmat, said the deceased apeman displayed a remarkable likeness to the “Deluxe Sasquatch Costume”¬ù on sale on a Hallowe’en costume website for $449.” (more here)

I was able to grab one of the photos, which i am sorry, is a bit graphic…

big foot

So what do you think? Real big foot or Sasquatch costume?

UPDATE: We will get the answer at Noon time during the press conference, in the meantime, check this sasquatch costume out, looks similar to us!

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