Betty White: The Ultimate Funny Costume

Betty White is white hot right now! After appearing in a Snicker’s commercial (along with fellow “old school” television star, Abe Vigoda), the 88-year-old saw an upswing in her popularity culminating in a record-breaking spot as Saturday Night Live’s guest host this past week. She was the oldest person to ever host SNL and pulled in the highest ratings the sketch comedy series has seen in nearly two years.

A campaign on Facebook landed Betty the slot on the show. Speaking as a part of the generation who grew up watching Betty White as the loveable dunce, Rose Nylund on “The Golden Girls,” I’ll admit to being one of the thousands to sign the petition to get Betty White to host the show. Obviously, there are more of us out there than you would think who share a fondness for St. Olaf stories and cheesecake at midnight.

It was nice to see the actress sharp as a tack, keeping pace with the younger cast members in a variety of sketches. In one of the opening skits, played a country mother to a bunch of daughters… and Kristin Wiig’s “Judy” on a Lawrence Welk parody. In another, she played an ex-con grandmother wearing a prison jumpsuit alongside Keenan Thompson in a “Scared Straight” skit. And in a digital short, Betty White donned a ski mask to deliver a metal rendition of “The Golden Girls” theme.

The golden girl’s still got it! Rumor has it, Betty White may be up for hosting the Oscars next year. Keep your fingers crossed! You better believe if there’s a Facebook petition for that, I’ll be signing it!

Check out how to make a Betty White costume and become the life of your next party! Maybe it’ll be an Oscar party!?

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