Being Mister Rogers

Hello, neighbor! It’s a beautiful day to put on a zip-up cardigan in either tan or red, a shirt and tie, and swap out your penny loafers for a pair of comfortable sneakers. Grab a can of grey spray-in hair color and add a touch of grey to your temples. It’s just another beautiful day in this beauty-wood when you walk around pointing out the Picture-Pictures on the wall to fellow party guests, taking a ride on Mr. Trolly, or whipping out a Daniel Stri-ped Tiger puppet to talk to guests.

Mister Rogers was the nicest guy in his neighborhood and entertained kids this way for over 30 years…. If you try this, just make sure you don’t get arrested or tossed in the loony bin. Especially if you walk up to someone and tell them “I have always wanted a neighbor… Just. Like. You!” Good day, neighbor!

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