Being Michael Jackson

Separate yourself from the pack of Michael Jacksons sure to be moonwalking their way through costume parties this year by going the extra mile. No, I’m not saying to drink some Pepsi and accidentally catch on fire, but add some extra oomph to that red Beat It jacket and beaded socks.

Watch some of MJ’s videos to get a feel for some of his key dance moves. Bust out a spin-in-place or learn to moonwalk backwards. Throw out a little kick before spreading your arms wide and standing in front of a fan to let your open shirt billow in the breeze!

Speak in a high-pitched voice and offer to bring fellow partygoers some “Jesus Juice” from the punch bowl. Pepper your speech with phrases like “Hee-hee!” and “Ow!” all while grabbing your crotch or clutching a stylish fedora on top of your head while rising up on your heels. Don’t forget to end every other sentence with a heartfelt “Sha’mon!”

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