Being Mackenzie Phillips and John Phillips

There’s nothing creepier than incest, unless it’s consentual incest. Be something truly scary this Halloween and become Mackenzie Phillips and her (very) proud papa, John.

Grab a clear, Ziplock baggie and put an “RX” logo on it and load it up with M&Ms, Good n’ Plenty, Mike & Ike, and any other candy you can think of that looks pill-like.

Head to the thrift shop and find some vintage Mamas and Papas t-shirts, or make your own with an iron on transfer from your computer printer and put them onto a classic ringer t-shirt. If you’re feeling really creative (and gross), guys can make an iron-on transfer for the back that says “California Dreamin’ about my daughter” and ladies can make a “Mamas and the OH! Papas” design for the back of theirs.

Grab a couple medium-length brown wigs, and gentlemen can put on a brown mustache. You can add some grey streaks with spray-in hair color. Ladies may want a set of fake, prominent teeth and a button or sticker on their shirt that says “One Day At a Time” while clutching a bottle of Jack Daniels filled with apple juice. Don’t forget to hang all over each other and slur your words.

Remember, the family that plays together stays together! (I think I threw up in my mouth just a little.)

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