Being Kanye West

Wait! Wait! I’mma let you finish… But Kanye is the best… The BEST costume you could possibly pull together for Halloween 2009! I’m just sayin’!

Be the life of the party, or just interrupt it and dress up as Kanye West. Grab yourself a pair of retro, Venitian blind-styled Kanye sunglasses in either white, black, or neon to get things started. Put on a bald cap wig pre-decorated with a Magic Marker to mimic Kanye’s crop-circle hairdo that he sported at the VMAs. If you can, find an action figure of an astronaut and spraypaint it silver, carrying it around with you. Put on either a faux black leather shirt with the sleeves rolled up or a vintage Members Only jacket to complete your costume.

Accost fellow partygoers at the snack table and complain that no one gave you a chicken dinner even though you showed up to the party to perform for free. Then, you can insult the host and tell them that the Finklesteins had the best punch EVER… of ALL TIME… at their party last year. No disrespect. All in a day’s work of being Kanye!

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