Being Darren Rowse

Grab a bald cap and a pair of dark-rimmed rectangular glasses, and if you’re feeling spunky, add a small “soul patch” on your chin to look like the guru! Wear a shirt with the logo on the front as you amble about your costumed gathering. Carry around a copy of the Forbes Web Celebrities list, ranking you right up there as one of the top guys.

Speak in an Australian accent in mellow tones, and pause to Tweet on your latest gadget. Don’t forget to add small patches to your shirt with logos for Twitter and Technorati. Manage to be knowledgeable about all-things related to Australia, blogging and monetizing your blog, politics, religion, and anything else that can come to mind. But really… Just be modest about it. You’re just an laid back, amiable bloke from down under, after all!

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